Monday, June 4, 2007

TTrying to gett Resultts

I did my first 'real' TT since Berkeley Hills yesterday - the Dunlap TT. It was 34km.

I went pretty fast ~20mph. But not fast enough. The only improvement I made to my setup was to put mini clip-ons on my road bike. I pushed really hard with good wattage and pushed stronger as the race went on, and the legs were burning the whole time. And, I started getting the inadvertent snot flowing out the nose at the end (a sure sign I was working hard). However, it appears if I'm going to be good against the TT specialists, I need to train more specifically for the event (maybe 1 x per week and hit the local TT mock races), and I probably need to get a real TT-type setup for the bike.

Cyclistrick and I were thinking of modifying his abandoned Trek Y-foil with cowhorn/TT bars and a more forward seating position, since it's nearly a complete bike that's already paid for. And, we have a Nimble rear tubbie that came off his Colnago that I could use.

At least I look fast!


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Kimberly (aka. DrKim) said...

Cool. You do look fast. I find TT's to be the hardest since they are all suffering all the time! Have fun building your new setup!

CyclistRick said...

Hi there Ms. C - you did great!!! We should have ignored the woman at reg and driven the course since it was not closed as she said. Another tactical mistake we made was not discussing the wind vis a vis strategy. You could have shaved off some time without much more effort by using the wind more on that first leg.

As for the Y, it is yours if you want, and we can discuss how to lighten it up, esp. since it has that non-standard fork config. We need to send those Nimble wheels back to the factory for a check, change of hub, and exchange of the front body. But I can do that. And you can have my Chorus crankset if you like :-) But we can set it up for you, and get you to Swanton and Cañada for some of those friendly TT sessions.

Just let me know what I can do to help :-)

Chris said...

Great pace Chatterbox! I agree that to be competitive in any cycling event you need to practice it. TT included.

chatterbox said...

Thanks all! I think I'm almost recovered enough from Sunday to think about Pescadero now. Phew!