Monday, June 11, 2007

Peskydero Highlights and Lowlights

Highlight: The Sea of Pink

Lowlight: The 25 minute!!! line for the port-o-lets

This was a tough race for me (as expected). It is probably one I wouldn't choose to do again for a while. I finished last, which I try hard not to do. But, I felt good because I contributed to the team effort by leading out for the sprint prime, which pretty much blew my last gasket. But, it did string out the peloton and make the sprint a lot safer and set up a couple teammates to attack on the first climb. I then circled for 42 miles alone. The W4 lead group finished with a 20 mph average!!! This race was 47 miles with about 4,500 feet of climbing. They even caught the lead group of the W3 race, which had started 10 minutes in front and was supposedly a faster category. Yikes. I was happy to finish with nearly a 15 mph average considering I was solo all day.


CyclistRick said...

You did great! You were already running on empty, gave what you had for the team effort, and still followed through with a finish. You should be proud, as I am, of your effort. Now it is R&R time :-)

alicat said...

nice work on a challenging, but beautiful course.

and i bought 1000 splendid suns and will be reading it this weekend as we head off to italy :)we'll have to compare thoughts when we both finish it.

chatterbox said...

Thanks alicat and cyclistrick!

I hope you guys have a great time in Italia, alicat. Yeah, we'll have to compare notes on the book after respective vacations.

lauren said...

good job girlie. way to hang tough.

and wow, that porta potty line is craaazy.

Anonymous said...

nice hi-five! just perfect timing!

chatterbox said...

lauren - thanks!

flandria - thanks! it was nice to see another friendly face in the feed zone. I hope your hunny enjoyed himself and had a good race.

Chris said...

Great job on finishing and leading out your teammates. There is always next year. Have a great vacation. Come back relaxed and ready to race.