Friday, June 1, 2007

Goodbye Lou

I got some sad news yesterday. My friend Melinda informed me that her husband Lou, also my friend, had passed away. Lou was an advertising icon in the 80s and was a famous creative director at a large agency in New York. But, that wasn't the Lou I knew. The Lou I first met was the guy who was the partner and later husband of my mentor and friend.

He and Melinda encouraged me through those first rocky years of my career. He gave advice and listened to my whining about advertising agency politics and drama. When I decided to go a new direction into starting a web development business, he supported me by letting me develop a site for his artwork. His artwork is beautiful and haunting and a great testament that creativity can thrive beyond a creative career. He also kept me busy with work fixing and upgrading his laptop that always seemed to have one ailment or another. I suspected he was secretly sabotaging it because he knew I needed the money.

I haven't seen much of him in the last couple years - partly because of my geographic shift to the south bay and partly because his struggle with Parkinson's kept him sidelined much of the time. I know he will be missed - especially by Melinda and his kids. But, I also know that his soul is now free from his failed body that caged it...He's free to Be all that he Can Be.


Anonymous said...

he's got pretty nice graphic/photo work...

sorry to hear.

chatterbox said...

Thanks, flandria. I have one of his emulsion transfers in my home. It's very cool. I wasn't even aware of the technique before seeing his work.