Friday, January 20, 2012

Forced Training

Last week I had a meeting with the new CTO of the company. The meeting was scheduled to be in Santa Clara. So, I put it on my personal calendar to cycle that day and end up at the Santa Clara office. The evening before the meeting, there was a calendar update with a document attached. I opened the document, but didn't pay any mind to anything else about the update.

I did a 1 hour ride, arriving at 8:25 - about 35 minutes before the meeting start. I got to the locker room to shower, and opened my laptop to confirm which room the meeting was in. To my dismay, the meeting was moved to the Sunnyvale office - about 6 miles from the Santa Clara office. I did mental calculations and realized I was going to need to average 20 mph to get to the meeting on time with a few minutes to change my clothes. So, I put my jacket and messenger bag back on and started the all-out TT back to Sunnyvale. Time trilling on a heavy touring bike with heavy messenger bag with clothes and computer is a bit of a challenge. But, I made it at 8:53, dashed into the locker room and did the world's fastest shower/change. But, I got a nice, hard 20+ minute effort in for the first time this season. There's nothing like a little forced training to kick off the HIT season.