Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Small World

Today I have more tales from the Sea Otter, since nothing all that exciting has happened since.

So, the Jennifers and I were the first to arrive on race day. We parked their VW Bug in the grassy field about 900 miles from the race track and registration. We had gone to registration and come back and had made contact with most of the team and were expecting everyone to congregate near their car. I had just pinned my number on the skinsuit and put it on, when to my dismay, I had put the number on the wrong side. So, Jennifer R, being the number pinning specialist for Jennifer J (not racing due to clavicle) offered to straighten me out. She was busily trying to not stick me while we were chatting away. Deb rolled up on her bike and we started talking strategy.

While we were talking a man with a bike, a baby stroller with toddler and a pregnant companion rolled down the aisle. As they got to our car, the man stopped, turned around and said "Sarah?". I was sort of bending over so the number would be well positioned. So, I stood up and looked closer at the trio. I realized the guy was someone I knew pretty well when I was in high school in Stockton. He actually worked with the youth group I attended, as he was a couple years older. His wife was a year behind me, and I had heard they married a few years ago. I don't think I've seen either of them for at least 10 years - probably more like 15.

He was there to race the road race, and we exchanged a few pleasantries. We answered some logistical questions for them, and they took off. It was one of those awkward moments where you're thinking "Cool! Small World!" and "What the heck do I have to say to this person I haven't seen in 15 years when we only have 2 minutes to talk?".

I did feel good that I am still recognizable to someone who hasn't seen me since I was 17. Maybe I'm not aging too quickly!


Chris said...

Cool story. It really is a small world.

velogirl said...

so, were you like, romatic with him? and did the wifey know? if he was the youth group leader, and she was in the youth group, do you think there was a little romance going on between the two of them?


chatterbox said...

Sorry. No scandal.

Naw. Never romantic with him. I had a crush on one of the other leaders who was smart enough to stay FAR away from that jail bait.

This guy was sort of taken in as the son by one of my good friend's families. People were always rumoring that he had an interest in my friend, because he was always hanging out at their house. But, she was not his type and he was not her type. It was definitely more of a brother/sister thing. I think he was in love with the home cooked meals offered by her parents, which he continued to partake in after she went off to college.

From what I know, he and the wife didn't start anything up until 8 or so years after we graduated.

So, I have no scandal - only useless small-town-youth-group gossip that adds up to nothing. :)