Wednesday, April 4, 2007

My own mini Tour de France

The whole reason I wanted to get into racing was to try the ultimate cycling event - the stage race. Well, if all goes as planned, on April 28-29 I will have my chance. Granted, it's only 3 stages instead of 21, and it's in bucolic Madera, California instead of France. But, it will have to do for now. I can't wait!


CyclistRick said...

Hey, its Lance Chatterbox in the yellow jersey, though I think there should be a yellow stripe somewhere on the shorts, too ;-) How about details on what the stages entail? Good luck!!!!

Chris said...

You look fabulous in pink and yellow. Best of luck in your race.

velogirl said...

gotta back off on the resistance training -- your arms look a bit manly!

chatterbox said...

vg - Yeah, I'm ripped! Must have been that 'maximum power' weight training regimen you gave me for Feb. :)

chris - thanks!

crick - Stage 1 on Saturday morning is a crit, supposedly flat. Stage 2 is a 10 mile, flat ITT on Saturday afternoon. Stage 3 is a flat road race on Sunday. They say there is a small section of rollers (hopefully no more than San Ardo). It is 3 laps of a 17 mile loop.

lauren said...

OMG! that's a top notch photoshop job.

you're good!