Wednesday, April 25, 2007

baby boom

Today I'm showing off some new baby photos received via email. I thought with all my posts about the fragility of life and mourning and such, we could use a little celebration of the miracle of new life! There are a few more in various wombs waiting to emerge, but this is the beginning of the baby boom of my friends (funny how it's been a few years since the slew of weddings hit). Congrats to all!

Luke born to Ann and Stephen on April 2.

Catherine born to Angela and Mark on April 10.

Nathan born to Heather and Trent on March 27.

We should also have a team baby born to one of our Tri Flow team members, Laura, who recently moved to Boston. I wrote her to see if she has an update/photos. More to come....

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Chris said...

Coochie Coochie Cooo. Cute babies!