Friday, April 20, 2007

Cycling with Mom

My mom is just the coolest. She's a VeloGirl at heart, even though she lives too far away to join us for most of our rides. A couple weeks ago, she was up visiting, and I just happened to be leading the beginner club ride. So, we rode together in our matching jerseys. She had so much fun! I also included a photo of her tearing it up in Solvang with her usual group of riding buddies.


Jackie said...

Oh yes, your mom is very definitely a Velo Girl; too bad she doesn't live up here so she could ride with me, though she looks and probably is 25 years younger. I guess we cycling women never age! Hold that thought.

(and thanks for your encouraging comment on my blog - I agree and will get me a purple hat!!!)

lauren said...

she's so cute!

she must be tall! you're tall, aren't you? i can't quite remember.

that's so cool that you can ride with your mom.

yellowbug said...

wow, your mom is looking good for being a mom of a full grown bike racer!

Chris said...

That is awesome that your mom rides. And if I remember you are tall, so she must be really tall.

chatterbox said...

jackie - she's only a few years younger than you. She's almost 58. I think she looks especially young, because she hasn't much grey in the hair.

lauren and chris - she is tall. She's 5'11". I am 5'10". I think I am standing downhill from her in both pics, so it's a little deceiving.