Monday, April 16, 2007

Sea Otter Hangover

Today I have a hangover. It feels like I had a case of beer with dinner last night. We had a fast n' furious weekend at the Sea Otter.

Friday was the circuit race. The two racers most likely to win this race were sidelined - one with clavicle break and one moving over the weekend. So the rest of us 'faux climbers' went out to hash it out on the Laguna Seca track. The track rises and falls 300 feet per lap and is 2.5 miles long. We did 7 laps. I was off the back almost immediately, but had a heck of a time on the 'corkscrew' descent and a beautiful 'S' curve just before the final straightaway. I worked together with a couple other team mates who missed the selection. It was a good time and worth the entry fee just to circle the beautifully groomed and banked track.

A dinner committment with sponsors meant we had to race and dash. We were unable to stay for results posting. Unfortunately, they left 3 of us out of the official results. I was really bummed about that (being one of the 3). I can't believe that with timing chips they were unable to record our finishes. That is lame. I think it's too late to contest.

Saturday, it was Ccccc-cold and we had a torrential downpour. I felt sorry because cyclistrick and I were stuck a long way from our car on foot at the festival - all dripping wet. However, I have to remember that some of my team mates were actually racing in that weather. Yuck!

Sunday, a small group of us from the club and team participated in the century. It was a lot of fun until after mile 86 when I really pushed my body beyond where it wanted to go. I am now suffering the revolt and fighting a sore throat and a head that feels 'in a fog'. The ride was beautiful through the temporarily green Santa Lucia mountains. The lupines were blooming and smelled sweet. The sun was out and there was a wicked wind blowing, which became our nemesis in the second half of the ride (along with about 1,500 feet of climbing that came after I had burned too many matches).


lauren said...

good job!

that circuit race is haaard! i love the pics!

Chris said...

I didn't realize that the circuit race was on the track. That is awesome! Maybe I will come out there to race next year when I grow up.

Seems like in every picture of you racing that someone is sucking your wheel. lol

chatterbox said...

chris - I actually did some wheel sucking myself in this race, just not on camera I guess. You should totally come out next year. It is a blast!

thanks, Lauren!

CyclistRick said...

Chris, Ms. Chatterbox was quite happy to sit on a wheel, mostly mine, on the Sunday ride ... esp. when the course turned into the wind. I think she was looking for a taller/broader shield ...