Friday, April 20, 2007

An eerie feeling...that's it! No wind!

OK, so there is a little wind blowing out there. But, today was my first ride in a couple weeks where I don't remember a gale blowing. It's amazing how fast you can go when not working against a cross or head wind most of the way. Of course, most people looked at me like I was crazy, becuase it had just stopped raining.


Chris said...

I saw your wind on the news. I was thinking how bad it must suck to be a Californian cyclist when it gets like that out there. Put those deep dish wheels away! Glad things are back to normal.

CyclistRick said...

Wind is just another form of resistance training ... just like climbing hills, but without the fun of the descents :-) And the 'best' resistance training is climbing a hill into a stiff headwind ... like Arroyo Seco/Carmel Valley Rd. to the summit last Sunday. Ready for another go at that one?

chatterbox said...

Right now I'm looking for an all-tailwind or all-downhill type of workout. When you find a course, let me know.