Tuesday, January 16, 2007


OK, it was really cold this morning. Temps on my morning ride ranged from 23-32 farenheight. I was miserable, and couldn't get any intensity going. Then, as I was making the decision to just head home, I nearly crashed in some mud at the bottom of a hill that was smeared all around in front of a stop sign. I wasn't thinking much of it (it is California, afterall), but as soon as I hit it, my bike started sliding out from under me....it was frozen solid! Fortunately, I was going really slow, and was able to unclip my foot and do a nice dab to keep it upright.

Anyway, on my way back, there was a new variation on the usual road kill - the squirrelsicle. It didn't look like it had been hit (no guts smeared about), but it was just laying on the side of the road, frozen solid, upside-down with one leg sticking out. It looked like you could just pick it up by the leg and start licking it like a popsicle (if you're into squirrel meat). I wonder what happened to the little guy....

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Rick said...

I wonder what the market is for squirrelcicles?