Thursday, January 18, 2007

aaack! I've been tagged!

So, velogirl just tagged me and then had to explain what it meant. So, I guess that makes me a newbie at this whole blogging thing - pretty sad considering I'm a webmistress and all. OK, so here goes, five random things some of you know and others don't.....

1) I'm a PK. Also known as a "Pastors' Kid". While growing up, my dad was primarily an administrative and adult education pastor for several flavors of Baptist churches. Now he is minister to senior adults at a non-denominational church in central CA. My mother also was children's minister at a couple churches over the years. I actually come from a whole family of professional ministers, but never had any interest in ministry myself. While I'd like to consider myself a follower of Christ (definitely not a very good one), I am still struggling to ferret out what that means and what that looks like. So far that's meant figuring out how to love and encourage the people around me - even the ones I find difficult or unlovable. So, basically, I'm trying to learn to minister without being 'in ministry'. Does that make sense? Probably not.

2) I still have a small piece of my 'security blanket' - the one I got brought home from the hospital in. It's pretty tattered and torn up. I keep it in my pillow and occasionally lapse into full blankie-lovin' mode when I'm particularly stressed out. I guess I'll have to take up deep breathing or something when it finally disintegrates.

3)My husband is the sweetest guy in the world. After my first try at marraige went horribly wrong and felt like a huge failure, I feel very blessed to have a second chance. We are best friends, and our life together feels almost effortless. I'm always afraid to say this, though, because I worry that I'm going to jinx it and some giant trial or problem or loss will come. I guess I just have to be thankful and cherish each day to the fullest.

4) I'm that nerdy, awkward girl no one wanted to be friends with in junior high. At one time I had coke-bottle glasses and was short and chubby and had no boobs. I was a straight-A student and didn't like shopping or make-up or boys (well, as friends they were cool, but not romantically). Fortunately, the ugly duckling had a bit of a physical and confidence transformation in high school. However, I was still a book worm. Some things never change. Every once in a while, I still think I am that nerdy, awkward girl and that people think I'm weird. Maybe they do. That's OK. I just have to pretend otherwise :)

5) When I first studied advertising/art direction in college, I hated computers. Go figure.


lauren said...

i like the blanket part.

i thought i was the only one.

although i lost mine piece years ago, but i used to keep it in my pocket and rub it with my hand up until college i think.

chatterbox said...

Cool, Lauren! Glad to know I'm not alone.

velogirl said...

I have a blanket binding fetish. You know, the silky, satiny stuff on the end of the blanket? I like to run it between my fingers, under my nose, between my toes, and other places I won't mention right now. My mother was afraid I wouldn't be able to leave it behind when I started kindergarten. There's more to the story, but I'm brain-dead from trying to finally switch everything over to my now-obsolete macbook.

chatterbox said...

Yes, the binding is the best part (though my knowledge isn't as intimate as yours, VG)!

My mom used to re-bind mine every couple years. It just kept getting smaller and smaller as she'd cut away the old binding.

Chris said...

Did you grow up in a town with no dancing like in "Footloose?"

chatterbox said...

Chris, that reminds me of a funny joke told in my family...

Why don't Baptists have sex standing up?

Because, it might lead to dancing. :)

Fortunately, I was raised in one of the dancing segments of the Baptists (yeah, there's like 40 kinds of Baptists, so you can't lump 'em all up), so I got to go to the prom and all. Phew!