Friday, January 12, 2007

Size 8, here I come!

Despite riding my bike 150 miles per week, weight training and generally watching what I eat, I've never been able to achieve the svelte road racing body I've desired. So, at the end of last season, I hired a dietician. We've been fine tuning, and I've been losing weight really slow, which is good. I seem to have maintained most, if not all, my power output. Well, last week I discovered that I could remove my jeans without undoing the button and zipper, so I decided the time had come to buy smaller pants. I've just ordered up a whole set of size 10s after losing 16 pounds. Yeah, I'm really tall, so that fat is well-distributed and it takes a lot to lose a full size. Once I reach my goal (12 more pounds), I should be able to squeeze into a few size 8s...wooo hooo!

So, here's three things I've learned that I didn't know previously:

1. No juice (yeah, I had to even give up my 'light' Ocean Spray...bummer)
2. Never eat more than 30% of the day's calories in one sitting
3. Never eat more than 33% of the day's calories after 5:00 pm
4. Eating 'bad' foods in very small quantities is OK, as long as you follow the percentage rules above and get the majority of your calories from whole grains, lean proteins, fruits and veggies.

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