Thursday, January 25, 2007

Nothing to post yet...but stay tuned!

OK, so I just got my Mondonico back from the painter. It is sweeeeet! I'll get a picture up soon.

The other big adventure is our forray into the wonderful world of the Tempurpedic mattress. We're hoping for all the $$$ that it results in magical recovery sleep where we can work out for 10 hours and sleep for 4 and wake up feeling like we took a little walk and then slept for 10 hours. Miraculous properties still TBD....I guess just getting rid of the horrbile pinched nerve in my shoulder after sleeping on my side on a hard mattress would suffice.


velogirl said...

I got a tempurpedic in 2004 and it's worth every single penny! I got the convertible one too, so I can raise the feet or raise the head or raise the feet and the head. oh, and it has a vibrator, too, but it's too loud so I never use it.


Chris said...

Plus you can sprawl all of your booze glasses and food out on your bed without fear of knocking them over by moving around.