Sunday, January 21, 2007

Friggin' scofflaw sport bikes on Skyline

I had to ride for 4 hours today with 'solid climbing'. So, the honey and I headed out for some serious solid climbing. We rode up Page Mill, turned left on Skyline, descended Hwy 9 to Pierce. We turned left and headed up toward Mtn Winery. Then, left on Mt. Eden Rd. Over Mt. Eden and home. It was 46 miles and probably 5,000+ feet of climbing.

We were in a slight downhill section on Skyline riding a bit in the lane due to sanding of the road. A Porsche, followed by a Corvette, followed by a mass of sport bikes was coming the other direction. Well, the guy leading the sport bike group decides to pass the 'vette and Porsche, which were already going like 70. They crossed over the double yellow, and he passed us within 1 foot head-on. I don't mind if those guys want to make organ donors out of themselves, but please keep us out of it! We had a similar encounter descending 9, but at least they passed with more than a few feet separating us (illegal though it was).

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