Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Missing my Eurotrash bike....

As soon as daylight savings time went away, I started commuting on my touring bike with lights and fenders. So, I decided it was finally time to take my beloved Mondonico with rattle-can paint job in for proper paint and decals. My bike mechanic (husband) lovingly dismantled each part. We put some aside to be sold, and others to go back on later and dropped it off at D+D in San Lorenzo. It was mid-November.

I decided to modernize the rear triangle spacing to 130mm. So, I 'had' to buy new shifters and wheels. The Ultegra headset is being swapped for Chorus, and the new shifters are Daytona 10 speed. I got Ultegra wheels so I can stay Shimano across the board on that (good to have spares for racing). I'm planning on running a 9 speed so I can get some more gearing. I will probably get an 11-32 or 11-34, since the crankset is a classic Chorus double (39x53). I'm going to lock out the 10th speed on the shifters, and I got a Jtek shiftmate to handle the cable pull differential. I have an old Campy Athena mountain bike rear deurailleur, so the wide cluster will not be a problem. Or, maybe I'll suck it up and run the 12-25 10 speed cluster. I am improving my power-to-weight ratio, afterall :)

Supposedly, the bike will be ready this week. I can't wait!!! It is going to be metallic copper in color with black decals. I have a black Brooks saddle and it will have black bar tape. I think it's going to look pretty sweet. I miss its wonderful, buttery ride. Soon we will be reunited for some weekend fun!


velogirl said...

Maybe you can pick up my custom Ahearn rack while you're there. D&D has had it for two months and I don't know if I'll ever see it.

Hey, where did you get the pink & gray wool jersey? I want one!

chatterbox said...

Yeah, well, I haven't received the official call to retrieve it yet...maybe our items are all in a black hole.

The pink/grey jersey was a closeout I found at some random store we wandered into for $15. There was only one. My friend Debbie recently took posession (it was too itchy).

Rick said...

Hey Velogirl, I will be transporting said bike from D&D when it is ready. Since my office is near you, if the rack is finished I could pull off a two-fer.