Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Being a yahooligan and other general mischief

Well, I'm sitting here on lunch break at my new job hopped up on free espresso drinks trying to get acquainted with all things new. Oh, and I have a nice view of the bay from my cube, so that makes me happy! And, I can walk to work, which is swell (about 30 minutes each way of brisk walking). If I bike, I'll definitely have to add on, or it won't be worth donning ye old spandex.

Last week the boy and I engaged in general mischief before getting back to the grind. We started with an overnight in Carmel and a 20 miles-ish ride out and back on 17 Mile Drive. Some deer decided they wanted to play at Spanish Bay.

Thursday, we drove a little south of Lucia. I almost lost my cookies at one point and had to take over driving. We parked at the base of Nacimiento-Ferguson road to ride up and over to Mission San Antonio. It was wet and drippy at the start of the ride. But, by the time we got to about 800 feet, we were emerging from the fog. Like a dumbass, I decided to bring my standard double chainring bike. I had to hump it up a lot of spots in that brutal 7 miles climb. As we started descending the other side, I realized quickly I had underestimated food and water required for the ride. It was Hooooot over there. I didn't much enjoy the second half of this ride as I was perpetually hungry and dehydrated. But, I survived and enjoyed seeing the mission I had not seen before. It was also cool to check out a new route. 55 miles and 5,900+ feet for those of you climbing gluttons. This is an epic route with VERY little traffic - definitely not to be missed.

Thursday night we stayed over at Ragged Point. The view was minimal, but the hot shower and dinner were great! In the morning, the fog had lifted enough to see the coast, but it was still overcast. Friday morning, we headed down to Piedras Blancas to check out the elephant seals and then went to the new visitor center at Hearst Castle. The visitor center changes were just a bunch of new concessions - thumbs down!

We had a quick lunch in Cambria and then headed to my parents' home. We got to hang out with them, my grandma and uncle (mom's brother) out from Florida. Cyclistrick got busy doing bike maintenance for my mom while I visited.

Saturday morning was the big event. My mom has been training all summer to do her first metric century. She set her sights on the Lighthouse. We weren't really trained up for the 100 mile distance (no time for long rides), so we decided to join her on the 100K. It was basically an out and back on the coast with minimal climbing. And, the weather was perfect. Everything converged well to help her make her goal. I kept her on task with eating (but not too much) and drinking and ran a stop watch at the rest stops so she would not get too cold. We stayed on schedule and finished in 6 hours running time, 5 hours riding time. And, at that nice, mellow pace it was the first endurance ride I've ever done where I didn't get completely dehydrated. I was so proud of my mom for reaching her goal. And, she had a smile on her face all day - even at the end!

Sunday we headed home to a pile of laundry, shopping and some JavaScript homework. And, then the week of settling and orientation began in earnest.

I'm off the bike for two weeks and filling my days with walking, yoga and running. I already miss my bike!


Jackie said...

Oh boy, thanks for the report on that road to the mission - I've been sort of tempted to do it for years and your description fit what I expected (have done the other side twice) - now I know I don't have to.

I just rode up Mt. Fuji: 2.5 hrs. up, 20 minutes back down. Fun.

Next time your mom visits we must get together for a ride, she's my kind of lady!

Anonymous said...

love that area...the missions etc.

have a good break!

chatterbox said...

jackie - well, on a properly geared bike, I think the climb would be good. I was just way overgeared. Mt. Fuji sounds fun!

flandria - thanks!

CyclistRick said...

Hmmm, I think I could have done the hundred without any additional 'training'. But that was not the goal ... your mother's goal was our goal. And you were a good coach and effective task master. Are you ready to shepherd her through the 100 next year?

Jackie - the climb up is actually quite nice, nothing exceptionally bad. I have a couple of reports on blog about the ride. It was quite pleasant, not too taxing, good scenery (would have been great if the fog was not obscuring the coast). The only problem was not enough water/food for Ms. Chatterbox, an easily solved problem for the future.

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

Sounds like a great trip; Mr. Man & I went with my dad on his first metric century & it's so great to help your parents succeed at their goals. I love the role reversal!

alicat said...

wow. what a wonderful vacation. i have driven that road, but now i am certain that i must bike it.

chatterbox said...

panda - yeah it's cool helping the parentals meet goals.

alicat - you definitely have to check it out. I think we only saw 3 cars during the whole climb. Yee haw!

velogirl said...

mom looks great! send her my congratulations.

what are you doing off the bike?

chatterbox said...

vg - isn't her jersey stunning? She looks so cute in pink. I'm just resting and leeting myself develop bike love again for a couple short weeks. Lots of stair intervals getting to my new office on the 4th floor, though.