Saturday, October 13, 2007

I've left the 60cm+ club :(

This week my quads dropped to 59.5 cm. It must be all the running. Oh well, I also lost a couple pounds. So, I'm not going to complain too much!

I'm all dressed and ready to hit the track today. Maybe that will beef them back up. I hope my back is OK. It's become very cranky during the two weeks off the bike. Thursday riding and yoga helped rehabilitate it a little, but it's definitely not 100%.

I just turned in section 15 of 16 for review on my thesis. 13 of 16 was signed off today, and 14 of 16 is in second round review. If all goes well, tomorrow all 16 sections will be in the review process! Yay! The end of the tunnel is near!

Sunday Update

The track was fun. I could tell my back was hurting my power, but I had fun, nevertheless. All the girls (Me, Dorit, Christine) got paired up, as we were the slowest 3. We had one pursuit in which we worked really well together. The second round, we blew apart a bit. My favorite was the chariot race. I need to get more confident in my starts. I don't start well from a hold. I know this from TT, but it is much more important in a 1 lap race! We started with scratch at the beginning - 8 laps handicapped. That hurt. I was tired from the 40 laps warmup, which was quite brisk. I forgot what it was to suffer since my last race in August. I felt a little queasy. I guess I'll really get a taste of pain at the Halloween CX in a couple weeks. Should be fun.

I sent off the last section of my thesis for review last night. And, I did prep work for the launch of the web site redesign for my former employer. And, I did laundry. It was quite the productive day! I wrapped up all the hard work by 8:00 pm and had time to watch "This film is not yet rated" documentary with the rickster.


Beth said...

don't feel bad! i am out of it too. i expect to decrease until spring, and then once we start sprinting again, POP they'll be back. muscle memory is pretty crazy.

CyclistRick said...

Good job on the school stuff. Maybe I will see you again before Thanksgiving ;-)

And, good job at the track today. Lots of sprinting, and going fast, and watching others go fast, and having fun not worrying about who was ahead, behind, or winning.

CyclistRick said...

BTW, watch out or I will catch you. My quad measurement is up a cm since mid August.

chatterbox said...

beth - yes, I saw you are also shrinking! I am hoping they will POP back next spring!

c-rick - yes, hopefully I will see more of you very soon. You better not catch me!

Kimberly (aka. DrKim) said...

i was never in the 60cm+ you got me beat! I guess I should try track if I want to beef them up (but alas then there'd never be ANY hope of my skinny jeans fitting...). This is the off-season (or as my coach used to say, extended pre-season), so it's ok!!!

chatterbox said...

doc kim - yes, the 'pre' season. So, I don't have to worry!

Kim Ladd said...

You gonna let the rickster pass you on the quad measurement? I think not! I'm just getting back on the saddle this week. We should try and get together for a nice 'n easy ride sometime.