Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'm such a slacker! (but not enough of one)

Wow, this is only my 5th post in September and likely to be the last for this month! I haven't been living up to my Chatterbox handle.

Every time I start a new job, I promise myself I will try to take all my vacation every year. And, somehow I never seem to be able to live up to that. We were hoping to get on a cycle of a two week international trip each year and one week domestically. I just finished 4.5 years at my job last week and had 4.5 weeks of vacation cashed out. So, that means I wasn't making my goal. Oh well, I bought myself a nice watch to make myself feel better. And, I'm taking this week off before starting the new job.

So far with my week off I've done laundry, watched 2 movies with the boy, written 6 sections of my thesis, helped coach a cycling clinic, had dinner with a friend, did a JavaScript assignment and went on a MTB ride. Phew! Tomorrow I start slacking for real! We'll be hitting the Big Sur coast for a few rides we've been meaning to do. And, we'll be joining the mamma on her first metric century. How exciting!

Hopefully we'll have some great photos to show when we get back - either that, or we'll have some nice shots of the fog!


lauren said...

i hope you slept in.

that would be #1 on my list.

Kim Ladd said...

looking forward to hearing more about that "break" ms. chatty

chatterbox said...

lauren - so far I've slept in 3 of 4 mornings, so that ain't bad. Of course, sleeping in is relative, meaning, for me, 7-7:30 some time!

kim - definitely! We'll have pics and tales to tell, I'm sure. Enjoy your mini-break in CO and have a happy b-day!

alicat said...

horray for vacation!

CyclistRick said...

Yes everyone, I try to be quiet so she can sleep as late as possible .. and still she come stumbling out of the bedroom at 7-7:30. Boy, what kind of vacation is that ;-) But maybe tomorrow she will sleep a bit later. And then we will go to Carmel and ride the 17 mile drive, and eat some good food, and enjoy being where we are, and not at work. Vacations; gotta love them.