Sunday, October 24, 2010

May 9 - Ich mochte eine thermalbad!

We left Ettingen via the rolling route. The next town led us to a wrong turn, and we ended up in the Black Forest headed straight up a paved mountain bike route. It was a solid 10% with pitches of 12%, but was lovely and quiet and smelled nice.

We had a wicked descent and then needed to backtrack slightly to get to Baden-Baden. There was a tractor show near Oos, that got us all caught up, but we finally made it to Baden-Baden around 2:00. We had to pull under an awning for about 15 minutes despite our growling stomachs to stay out of a thunder squall that was dumping rain.

Finally, we got a respite from the downpour and headed down the road to a pizzeria/doner place and tanked up. The search for a place to sleep started as soon as we got into the town center. We wanted to settle before hitting the baths. We did not expect to get a deal in Baden-Baden, but found a 3 star near the baths called Hotel Romerhof. It was 102 Euros for the night. Steep, but not too steep.

After checking in and changing, we headed to Friedrichbad - the bath featured in Rick Steve's video that we had rented before heading on vacation. We paid our 21 Euros each to go through the 15 stations. We skipped the full-body brushing and the "kaltwasserbad", but did everything else.  Eventually, our hunger caught up with us, and we headed to the Lowenbrau Brewery restaurant for dinner. I had salad and short ribs with pommes frites - the "smaller" portion (heaven help me if I'd taken the standard portion). Ice cream rounded out our meal, and we headed back to talk to the parental unit and wish my mom a happy Mothers' Day. All in all, it was a great day in Baden-Baden.

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