Sunday, October 24, 2010

May 10 - Tour de Murg

We rolled out of Baden-Baden at 9:30 in the morning in light rain. We opted for the climby route instead of continuing on the Tour de Murg - the section we hadn't yet done. The Tour de Murg had been our general route as directed by a bike shop, since we'd wandered off our Rhine maps. We climbed up and then ended up hike-a-biking through the forest and back on to the road just above our hotel - the route we'd just opted against - doh!

We continued out of town for the second time and were soon climbing like madmen - straight up a 15% grade for 3km! We finally crested - only to find the road we wanted to take back down to the Murg river closed. So, we descended the main road and started our tour south through the valley. The wander was slower than expected due to some climbing on wet, sandy dirt in the forest.

We descended to lunch in Forsbach, as the rain started getting harder. After 1.5 hours of sitting around and no let-up, we decided to camp out in Freudenstadt by using the train to get there. We just missed the first train and caught another 40 minutes later. Just after stepping off the train, we found the Hotel Adler, which was listed as bike-friendly. We took a doppelzimmer and locked our bikes in the garage. We walked around after getting cleaned up and bought 2 maps of the area for cycling.

The day was capped off with dinner at the Hotel Adler. It was pork with cherries and spetzel with salad. We had a schwartzreisling (who knew reisling was a red grape?). It was a really good wine. The meal ended with a nice apfel struedel and coffee. Mmmm. I like German cuisine! Who knew?

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