Saturday, October 23, 2010

May 8 - We are radfarhren!

We had a very "petit" dejeune at the hotel as we didn't want the upsell breakfast. It was only pan au chocolate, baguette with butter and jam, orange juice and coffee.

Rolling north through some small valleys, we finally arrived at the top of our map - Worth am Rhein. We found many restaurants closed, but finally found a Muslim-owned pizzeria open and had some tasty fake-pork products made from 100% Kabelfleisch (veal) and a couple of Coca Colas, since the beer was verbotten.

14 Euros later, we were headed north again to the next river crossing. The sun finally came out while we were riding along the river....ahhhhhhh - jacket off for the first time on the trip!

We took a ferry crossing and headed south through Karlsrhue. We had a paved bike path all the way to town. The roll through the city went pretty well. It was a lovely city with many people out walking and cycling...a few too many at times. We headed south about 8 km to Ettlingen - a cute, small resort town. We got a too-expensive hotel in the city center. But, we had a nice stroll, dinner at a pasta place, and a few minutes at an Internet cafe.

The end of the evening was spent watching trashy MTV, because it was in English!

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