Saturday, October 23, 2010

May 7 - Strausbourg - Cycling friendly city

Our departure from Kehl took us over a fantastic double-suspension bike/pedestrian bridge to Strausbourg. We made our way through the bicycle-friendly city to the cathedral. Cycling in a European city is completely safe and fluid, however, it takes some getting used to. Also, you will not break any speed records, but you will get around efficiently.

We took some photos outside the cathedral. Then, I headed in to look around while Rick stayed with the bikes. Unfortunately, they announced the lunch closing while I was inside, so Rick was not able to see it.

We found a reasonably easy perimeter route out of the city and stopped in a small borough for lunch. We found a modest-looking restaurant near the Rhine, which turned out to be super-pricey. Rick had beer and veal. I had wine, salad with goat cheese and smoked salmon. It was 38 Euros for lunch, which made Rick a bit cranky. Viva la France! We headed back out along the Rhine and managed to see a peacock on the trail, which was pretty cool. Then, we ended up on a dirt track, which I knew was wrong, but Rick insisted was right. About the time we dead-ended into a creek, I decided to head back and look for another route. We finally found a parallel path, which was the right one and continued north. We ended up stopping in Bleinheim - short of our goal of Worth. But, we found a serviceable hotel at a good price, which made up for our extravagant lunch.

We walked to a local restaurant for dinner. We had a bottle of Alsacian Riesling, chicken with puff pastry and white asparagus. Dessert was local strawberries with cream and a side of coffee. It was a nice meal all-around.

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