Wednesday, June 4, 2008

So, so far behind, but I now have upgrade points*!

*OK, so upgrade points were mostly obtained due to some attrition in last Friday's track ominum when some of the ladies preferred beer drinking to racing another Chariot race.

Apologies to all for the lack of posting. I've had some unexpected circumstances arise in my non-cycling life that have led to many hours of focus away from blogging and cycling. More on that later!

Anyway, the Velo Girls were sponsoring the track races on Friday, so I had to race, right? This was my first night of 'real' racing. We did 30 lap points, 2 x chariots, 2 x Keirin (or is it Kierin - Michiko is going to kill me) and were supposed to do a miss-n-out. But, all the ladies were pretty spent after 5 races and opted out of the 6th. I pretty much stunk in the points. Hey, there is some pretty rigorous competition out there! But, fortunately, the ominum was comprised only of the chariots and K...n races. I got 5th or 6th in the first K. Then, I got 4th (I think) in both the chariots. I've never been held before and was super-slow off the line, so not too bad considering. I was next-to-last in the last K. I know the chariots are pretty basic races, but they are all sorts of fun! I was like a kid in a candy store after those with a big-'ol grin on my face! But, I ended up 3rd place overall. Wooo hoooooo!

Then, I raced again on Saturday morning and got totally spanked. I'll try to add some pics soon.

Later y'all!


CyclistRick said...

Well done, my dear. If you can't beat them in the short run, do it over the long haul. We need to find an open track time where you can practice jumps and try out the high zoot wheels and different gears, and all that stuff.

And try to put that other stuff in context. Everything will be fine.

Anonymous said...


clm said...

Hey--let's take the points as we can get them!!! Friday was FUN!!!!!!!!!!

twinkiepatissier said...

that's right. i will karate chop anyone who misspell or mispronounce keirin.

i am going to drive down to watch ABC, AVC, ACV, or ACB whatever the star-studded gig, either on Sat or Sun... will see you there?

twinkiepatissier said...

bad grammar...

karate chop on anyone who misspells or mispronounces keirin.

chatterbox said...

c-rick - thanks!

flandria - woo hoo!

clm - yes, taking the points happily!

twinkie - I fear your karate chop! We will not be at AVC, due to familial obligations.