Monday, June 30, 2008

not so fast there, cowboy!

Well, we finally followed up with the surgeon today. She is pleased with his progress and says that these things tend to go better for athletes. She also indicated that she cycles some. Then, we talked about his injury and surgery.

She said it was a "very serious" injury and that his bone was basically shattered in a "high energy" impact. There was apparently traction and a whole box full of hardware needed to get the thing back to some semblance of normal. She is also not sure this will be the end of surgeries, but she is hopeful.

I asked if his x-ray was good in two weeks and if he cleared the blood clot check today if he could think about riding the trainer in the garage. She said "absolutely not!". I guess that was a definitive answer. She basically said not to count on anything for the first 8 weeks. She is going to monitor him every couple weeks until then and then see how things progress. I'm sure that's not what the Boy wanted to hear. In the meantime, he will enjoy his "exercise" on crutches and moving the ankle and leg around as much as possible.

Looks like our vacation this year will likely not feature mountain bikes in Argentina and will more likely feature tropical drinks and a beach - not that there's anything wrong with that!


lauren said...

8 weeks!

might as well enjoy it and just drink a lot and relax as much as you can on your vaca. at least that's what i'd do.

poor guy. but it sounds like progress is going well though, and that's great!

Ippoc Amic said...

nothing wrong with the new vacation plans at all...glad Rick is mending well though

Chris said...

Tropical drinks aren't a bad thing. Rick will be back on the bike soon enough.

marscat said...

yeah i like the new vacation plans.

take care of yourselves

Jackie said...

In a sailing accident in 1980,I crushed a knee, had bolts and pins and a long-leg cast for months, and I just said, "This is what I do now." "This, too, shall pass."

Use the time well and you'll find the hidden prize. Mine was rediscovering a bicycle. Never looked back!

Another hug for you, Rick.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the fellow SJBCer is doing better

Kimberly (aka. DrKim) said...

The new vacation sounds pretty great to me! Savor it...and tell Rick to just enjoy the break. he'll come back stronger than ever...and quick, too, if he lets the healing happen now. I remember being inconsolable about what was looking like 2-3 months off for me when I broke my arm, but looking back, I don't really think it hurt my form/fitness much, and I can barely remember all those hours on the trainer :-).