Saturday, May 24, 2008

Getting Schooled...

and I don't mean out on the bike, which I'm pretty used to these days.

Time has come for me to update my mad programming skillz, yo. Turns out my skillz are pretty old skool and I need to get some modernization. You know, I've spent every weekend racing lately and prior to that studying for 3 years while doing the same 'ol, same 'ol at work (on a business to business site). So, no time for exploring new fangledy, consumer-facing stuff. Topics of study for the weekend:

1) Object Design (yeah, this one always needs work)
2) AJAX with OO Javascript (need to wean myself off of procedural land and get something more exciting than basic effects going and maybe throw in some web services).
3) Review CSS standards and techniques
4) YUI implementations (focus on themeing and animation stuff)

Should be fun times! Anything I can't work out on my own will require some more formal schooling, I'm afraid.


Chris said...

Bike racing sounds much more fun.

CyclistRick said...

And once you are finished with that you can join this old dog in learning stuff up in the 'cloud'. It never ends, believe me. But you are intelligent and driven so you will be fine. Just hang in there, my love.

Jackie said...

Ah, so that's why you left the BBQ early? Nice to see you & Rick, though after driving clear to San Jose and back - my mistake - I was pretty done in by it all.

chatterbox said...

chris - it is!

rick - yes, trying to hang in there.

jackie - I actually took Monday off from studying. We were just all funky still from the race and rick hadn't had a chance to get any ibuprofen and was starting to hurt, so we headed out. I also had another social engagement in the evening, so had to get cleaned up for that! It was good to see you, though.