Wednesday, June 25, 2008

cookie monsters and Rick's massive quads

Well, one of Rick's dreams has finally come true. He now has massive quads - well at least one massive quad. I bet he is in the 60cm club. Now, nevermind that this measurement comes in large part due to swelling and that it has the definition of a tree is quite impressive.

Our new hobby is eating the two dozen cookies that were sent to us by some of our cycling buddies (you know who you are). I'm sure our quads will become even more massive in the near future, due to our new hobby. Thank you for the super-food!

We're getting along OK. Rick is getting more mobile each day. As soon as he gets a little more comfortable, generally, I think he'll be itching to get on the wind trainer. We'll see what the surgeon says next week.


Chris said...

I ate some cookies tonight too, so I am right with you.

Kimberly (aka. DrKim) said...

Ms. Chatterbox....glad Rick is healing. sounds like the cookies don't hurt either of you! Speaking of which, I wouldn't mind a cookie right about now...

Hang in there...the good healing thoughts are still coming your way!

CyclistRick said...

Ummmm, cooookies!

OK, Beth once said that all you had to do was measure one quad, and since she is the fount of all knowledge we will go with that. So I just measured my right quad: 61.5cm! Amazing growth since the last measurement which was about 52cm. I am now a member of the 60cm+ club.. woo-hoo!

Groover said...

How is Rick going? On the wind trainer, yet? What did the surgeon say?

chatterbox said...

hi groover -
we will know more tomorrow. That is our date with the surgeon. The leg does not yet have enough range of motion to get over the bike, but I expect the wind trainer will come shortly after it does.

Swelling is WAY down. So much for those massive quads!