Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I need to get off my laurels for sure!

Did you vote yet? If not, close your browser and go help pick our government. Then, come back and read the rest of this post....

So, I only posted four times in January. How sad is that? It's not that I don't have anything to talk about - mostly that my mind is consumed with too many things to set aside time to mull over a post or two. Next month, I will start to kill off a few brain cells with the oxygen deprivation that comes in racing season. So, I will probably have more to talk about on the blog.

If you've seen the headlines, then you know my work life has been adventurous. Currently, I'm involved in a debate over front-end language/framework choice, and it makes my head hurt. Higher ups will supposedly make a decision by the end of this week based on our feedback, and then we can move on with our project. I'm definitely not religious about my programming tools - just pick something and figure out how to make it work! So, I will just be happy to have a decision, I suppose. Maybe I'll get a chance to learn some more new stuff.

We went to the last Early Bird crit + Meet the Teams Day on Sunday. It was cold, and wet. My PowerTap had finally dried out from the prior Sunday and was working. But, then it died again in the middle of Sunday's session and is currently recuperating in the living room. I took the clinic and mingled with team mates, racers I knew, and prospective racers. We were supposed to do a team ride after the event, but we were all cold, wet, tired and hungry and got Indian food instead. Then, I still had 2 more hours of riding to do, which happened in the evening in front of the Super Bowl. At least it was a good game and kept my mind from numbing too much (can't say as much for the crotch).

Yesterday, I got all teary at work when I heard Sheldon Brown had died. For those of you who don't know him, he is the undisputed king of bicycle tech. His site is a reference point for people around the globe - check it out (www.sheldonbrown.com)! He gave generously of his time publishing information on his site and answering 500-1000 questions a day by email (and even one of mine about French bike parts several years ago). The only thing I can say is that I'm happy he was spared a long battle with MS, which he was diagnosed with last year. Happy trails, Sheldon!

I guess that's all the ramblings I've got in me for now. Hopefully, I'll get on the ball again with my postings.


Jackie said...

Yes, the cycling community is much poorer now without Sheldon. So sad. Someone put up a terrific Wikipedia entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sheldon_Brown_%28bicycle_mechanic%29

twinkiepatissier said...

i learned so much about my bikes through sheldon brown's website. i'm very thankful for his knowledge and generosity.

chatterbox said...

jackie & twinkie - yeah, he'll be missed. I hope someone will take up what he has left behind and continue the legacy.

Chris said...

I didn't know Sheldon Brown died. That is sad. He was a cool guy.

CyclistRick said...

My major regret in Sheldon's passing is we never got to ride together. He and I tried to setup a time to ride together when he was out to visit his daughter in Santa Cruz about 4-5 years ago. But after he borrowed a bike from Grant and rode the lower sections of Mt. Diablo, then rode some of the hills around Santa Cruz with Jobst, he was done for that visit and it was left as a 'next time' situation. Of course, as is often the case, the 'next time' never came. Sigh!

As for taking up the legacy, it was interesting that a few years back he started collecting and hosting a lot of Jobst's old stuff. I saw that as his way of preserving Jobst's information, since JB is about 16-17 years older than Sheldon. But Sheldon left this earth first, so whomever takes up the legacy needs to preserve the writings of both of them.