Sunday, February 10, 2008

CheFlandria Sighting!

Cyclistrick and I were out for a nice, brutal 3 hour ride with 3x20 intervals today. We had ridden down to Los Gatos and climbed up Kennedy and had just come down when we spotted a girl with QuickStep shorts and a skinny guy in SJBC gear on the other side of the road. We were like "Hey it's CheFlandria and Hunny!" So, we turned around and jumped on the vegan train for a pull back to Saratoga. We did a nice, hard paceline, which got me through my last interval, whether I wanted it or not. They eventually pulled off and headed for Steven's Canyon. We'd already been through there on the way out, so we stayed in the flats for an easy 30 minutes back home.

Thanks, guys! That was fun!


Chris said...

How is the fitness coming?

chatterbox said...

hey chris - it's yet to be tested in a race situation. And, I'm pretty beat down with weight training + intensity right now. But, I've brought up my average watts on a 2+ hour ride by about 30 watts since the fall. So, I guess that is good! I get a recovery week going into my first race on Feb. 23, so that should bring my form up a bit.

Anonymous said...

i was glad to see you two! it was such a beautiful day

it was fun! thank you!

your post made me laugh!

lauren said...

that's cool that you can see an actual improvement. makes it all worth while when you see things like that.

good job girlie!

chatterbox said...

thanks, Flandria!

lauren, yeah, visible improvement is good. But, it don't mean squat unless I can make it work in a race. That will be tested on the 23rd for the first time this season. Should be fun!