Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Blessed (and frequently slain) are the Peacemakers

This weekend which honors one of our great peacemakers, there was a story on the news about a local anti-violence activist - Terrell Rogers, who was shot outside his daughter's basketball game in SF. This story, unfortunately, is as old as history.

I was wondering "why do we kill the peacemakers"? Are we, as humans, so bloodthirsty, that we must resort to violence to remove those who preach non-violence? Is it because we'd really rather settle things with might than with reason? Do they anger us? Are they like modern-day prophets who call us to repentance, but we are so blinded in our ways that we must silence their nagging conscience cry? Do we see them as weak and defenseless? Do we want to prove we are stronger by snuffing them out? I don't know.

All I know is that we humans are terribly broken, and we need these voices of truth, justice, and non-violence to counter the voices of violence, injustice, and lies that we consume on a daily basis. We want to believe that if we personally, or collectively, become rich, powerful and fearsome, we can subdue and rule the earth. We think that these things will satisfy us and raise us above our tedious existence and make our lives sublime. But, it's all a lie. We need to stop believing it, listen to those that swim against the current, and treasure our peacemakers rather than slaying them.


lauren said...

such a throught provoking post.

it's very sad, that recent story.

there's so much violence in our society and guns are so easily accessible.

Chris said...

Agreed. Great post Chatterbox.

Anonymous said...

i agree, great post and makes me wonder...:-)

chatterbox said...

You guys will only have to put up with my philosophical ramblings for another few weeks. Then, I'll be all cycling most of the time :)

CyclistRick said...

Good to mix up the philosophical with the other. Good to show that we are not all one-dimensional.