Tuesday, September 11, 2007

WAAaY too busy!

Well, big change is afoot for me. Decisions have been made and balls are rolling. More updates forthcoming. Meanwhile, I'm waaay too busy to compose anything witty, or really anything much at all.

We rode through north and east San Jose to watch the Saturday morning festivities at the Hellyerdrome. That was pretty cool. Then, we got home in time for me to spend about 7 hours on my thesis project. I think I'm going to need to cut back the socialization in the near future for a while (but still hoping to play hookey long enough to get my 3rd beginner session this Saturday).

Sunday, I had breakfast with a couple neglected friends and then hit the thesis again for about 4 hours before going to the memorial for my friend Lou Sunday night.

Last night I hit it for about 3 more hours after work and finally got caught up to where I wanted to be by the end of the weekend. Now, it's a wait and see until the adviser returns the work with comments. I did get to see the fabulous end to the Niners' game! Mike Ditka was slurring his speech by the end. I think he must have been hitting a bit too much of the sponsor product or something.

Well, that's my unexciting life update. Later, ya'll!

Update 9/12/07:
My adviser just wrote that she is approving 2 sections! Wooo hoo!!!! I get to go to the track on Saturday. Yipppppeeee!


CyclistRick said...

Your humble servant is here to help, as much as one can help. Concentrate on the thesis scribblins, let me worry about the household minutia. We will soon have you caught up and breathing again :-)

Schmoop, schmoop.

twinkiepatissier said...

great to see your quads on sat, identifying the pink! :)

work, work, work...and i'm fading.

i'm gonna go into a hole now.

alicat said...

while working on thesis:
and be merry!

chatterbox said...

twinkie - don't work too hard!

alicat - rick is making sure I keep the hydration and nutrition going. Now I just need to add some merriment in :)

Chris said...

Good job! It can't last forever, right?

X Bunny said...

green nail polish = great study break

chatterbox said...

chris - yep, only until Thanksgiving!

xbun - I'll have to remember that! I've never tried green before (being a current fan of blue nail polish).

Beth said...

hang in there! yikes!