Thursday, May 3, 2007

What the heck? My blog went all Portuguese on me...

I logged in earlier today and the archive links on the right were reading:

Marco (with a cedilla)

Maybe it's a sign! Maybe I need a vacation to Rio. That's it! Any good bike racing in Brazil right now?


Velo Bella said...

I would intepret that as:
Drink more port


CyclistRick said...

Methinks your mind has been wandering towards Rio ever since we got chased in by the rain at Sea Otter and the (sanitized version of) Blame It on Rio was on the telly.

chatterbox said...

vb - mmm port. your sketchy taqueria thing reminded me that i need to extoll the virtues of carnitas in an upcoming post. just got me some of those at a sketchy taqueria tonight.

rick - maybe that's it. actually, if i was smart i could have gotten both potuguese speaking countries in on the expense account. we've got roadshow coming up in rio and partner conference in portugal.