Thursday, May 17, 2007

BTWD happenings

Well, today we celebrate another Bike to Work Day. The first time I did it in 2001, it seemed like such a big deal. I rode from a friend's house where I was living in Almaden to north Sunnyvale to work. It was 26 miles each way. I was happy for the Daylight Savings. That started me toward a regular habit of cycling to work - mostly in the summers.

I've gradually become a year-round commuter. And, I married a year-round commuter. Now most days are Bike to Work Days.

The hubby was interviewed by the local paper for BTWD. He is on the Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee for Sunnyvale. They came to take pictures of him one morning and found two of us getting ready to roll. So, they took pictures. I've had several emails and calls saying "You're in the paper - a BIG picture". But, alas, I still haven't had the gratification of seeing it. Somehow our neighborhood got off the distribution list for the paper a few weeks ago. When one of my friends brings me a copy, I will post it.

The hubby also worked the energizer station at Wolfe and El Camino this morning. I went by to get kisses on the way to work (and maybe a small piece of Hobee's coffee cake). They said the most commuters they've counted at this station before was 80. This year they counted 177. Maybe cycling for transport is gaining some traction.

Our friend Josh cycled to preschool with his son Aaron. They got featured in the Menlo Park Almanac - though they switched the names around so that Josh is the son and Aaron is the father. Pretty funny!

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lauren said...


i didn't see any energizer stations on my ride in today.

but i did read a funny comment in sfgate from a bike commuter in SF.

he mentioned that he'd bike commute every day if he could stop every 2 or 3 miles for a muffin or coffee cake like he did today on his 10 mile commute.