Monday, May 28, 2007

Sometimes I race because of the committment (or is that because I should be committed?)

Yesterday was the Mt. Hamilton RR, which was one of the races the whole team had committed to racing. Initially, I thought this might be a good race for me - thinking it was 'all downhill' except for one 3 mile, 800 ft. climb. However, a closer inspection of the course last weekend revealed a few too many upticks in the road for me (oh, and the race description failed to mention the 1.5 mile climb that comes as a 1-2 punch after the 3 mile climb and brief descent). I did think maybe I could catch a few people at the end of the race with the 19 miles of slight downhill with headwind.

However, my body tried really hard to keep me from racing. First, I started getting an ingrown toenail last week. I tried to get the doctor to pull it out last weekend, knowing I had 3 weekends of racing in a row. But, she wanted me to try 'conservative treatment' and just soak it 3x per day. So, by yesterday morning, I had a raging infection and basically strapped a bandage like a tourniquet around the thing to deaden the pain.

On Tuesday, a virus decided to descend on my digestive tract (suspicious that cyclistrick had the same thing starting a few days prior). So, that pretty much killed my ability to tend to my nutrition and hydration all week. By yesterday morning, I decided I was just going to be happy to make it to the start line to fulfill my commitment to the team. I probably shouldn't have raced. But, it felt lame to miss a team race. So, I just wanted to line up, contribute what I could, and hopefully finish the race. A last minute change of strategy meant that I could not contribute in the way I had planned, which was a bummer. So, the good results of the team were no thanks to me, other than just being there at the start line and bringing my hubby with a cooler of ice-cold, refreshing snacks for the end of the race. I guess that counts as a contribution.

The race wasn't without drama. There was an attack by Left Coast in the first few hundred meters, which was the move of the day. A center line violation by another girl who wanted to bridge to the attack and blatantly crossed the line to move around the Pink Curtain. There were lots of shouts of protest to that move (from all the racers). I hope she got DQed. Then, a nasty crash on the first descent took out three riders (so much for keeping things cordial through that first, technical descent). Fortunately, all were conscious and two were on their feet - hopefully no serious injuries.

All the Velo Girls finished, and there were some good placings. Congrats to Anna, who got 2nd! And, congrats to Jen who completed her first race following a broken clavicle and rib!


Kimberly (aka. DrKim) said...

Ouch!!! That is even painful to read about! I'm glad you survived without getting caught up in any crashes, etc... Sounds like the planets were just not aligned for you this weekend, but I'm sure you'll be feeling your chipper self soon! And I hope you get that toenail fixed! Talk about ouch....

Have a fun week!

CyclistRick said...

As the designated driver, I can attest that Ms. Chatterbox was indeed in pain, even during the drive up.

She did not put captions on the photos, but the one on the left is the W4 sprint finish with Tanya Davis eeking out the win over Anna Woldring. Note the flirt with a center-line violation (and DQ) by third place finisher Alison Rosenthal. The photo on the right is the podium with 1,2, and 4th place finishers.

alicat said...

I hung out with your husband at the finish and took some photos. They'll be posted on our web site (you can find the link on our blog) today or tomorrow. Congrats on finishing a tough road race! And I can TOTALLY relate on the toe...I had the same issue a few years back. Lots of yucky pain!

Anonymous said...

congrats to you and your team!

chatterbox said...

alicat - yeah, cyclistrick said he talked to you at the finish. I'll check out the photogs. Thanks for the toe empathy!

flandria and kim - thanks!