Friday, March 2, 2007

Purrty VeloGirl cycling KITtens coming soon to a race near you!

Actual photographic evidence coming soon.


lauren said...

i finally picked mine up yesterday. love it.

thank GOD it has black on it. black just looks so much better then the grey and pink in years past.

chatterbox said...

You can thank Velogirl for the black. One of the criteria for the design was "middle of shorts must be black" to avoid the gnasty butt sweat ring effect of the grey. I was skeptical at first whether the horizontal stripes would be slimming, but it actually looks really good. White over the boobies makes them pop! Black over the waist makes it recede - all good things.

Chris said...

Those are sweet! I want to be a Velogirl too.