Monday, March 19, 2007

What to do first?

DONE1. Start working on my term paper for a class (all the materials are gathered)
2. Start working on my final assignment for the other class
3. Review vendor proposals for my special project
DONE4. Continue debugging the perl script for work
DONE5. Return a call about some freelance work (as if I have time to do it)
6. Fret about my two-race weekend coming up and its logistics
DONE7. Register for race #1 of the weekend
DONE8. Go inspect my front bike tire for weirdness, since the front end felt like it was 'slithering' and not tracking straight on the way in to work
9. Call Grandma
DONE10. Go down to the gym and do my core workout
DONE11. Clean/organize my desk
DONE12. Update my training journal
DONE13. Call bike shop about headset I'm waiting for
14. Take a nap

1 comment:

Chris said...

I would pick 14 first. Maybe you will have a dream about what should come next.