Monday, February 26, 2007

The times they are a'changin'

Well, I just got back from girls' weekend away. It was fun, but also a little melancholy. It feels a bit like the end of an era. For many years, the group had a heavy leaning toward single girls. Then, people started getting married. A couple babies were born, but then those ladies moved away relatively quickly to go to lower cost of living areas. Right now, we have 3 expectant mothers in the group.

Photo of some of the girls at my wedding

Our usual wine tastings gave way to afternoon naps. I made a huge pot of Peets super-strong the first morning and it sat and burned down, because everyone was bellying up to the counter for decaf. All the cheeses and meats had to be screened for pasteurization and nitrates. I think this was the first trip ever where I was the low-maintenance eater :-) None of these things are bad. They are just signs that big changes are on the horizon and that time is marching on and that we are no longer young and carefree. Our next retreat will either feature three newborns or three less women. Will our group come out of the toddler stage intact, or will more of them flee the Bay Area? Hard to say.

We did have some fun discussions around baby name selection and how some of the maternity clothes purchased were more cutting-edge than the normal wardrobes of the women.


Chris said...

As families grow, friendships change for sure. First spouses, then kids, and the next thing you know you just drift apart.

Sighh. I miss the old days with my boys :)

Jackie said...

Don't give up on 'em; old friends are the best. I spent today with old E.R. nurses I've worked with, some for nearly 30 years, and for a long time it was really group therapy when we got together for a monthly lunch, but now we laugh and laugh and laugh at our old selves. Bunch of old bats. Love 'em.

chatterbox said...

Jackie - Thanks for the encouragement that we can make it work, even with big changes over the years. We will certainly be old bats laughing together someday (some of us are much closer to 'old bat' than others - I'm not naming any names) :)