Monday, May 12, 2008

Recommended Recovery Week Activities

I'm getting a little extra recovery this week, because I refused to listen to my body over the last month and pushed myself into over-trained land. I'm trying to nurse myself to Kern and then will probably try a little rebuild after that. So, since I've been pretty good at lazing around this week, here is my list of stuff to do while recovering.

Grooming - Me, the house, and the car

Getting a hair cut is a good thing. I've been in a growing phase with that, so just went for a trim. But, it was in need due to a lot of racing on Saturdays (my normal haircut day). Then, my stylist said she got new glasses and could tell that my eyebrows were in need of some pluckkage. So, I thought since I didn't have any crazy training to do, I'd let her have at it. I've never had a professional brow job. I have to say my normal makeup-free appearance is significantly improved.

Then, I decided that the 3 inch layer of pollen on the car needed to go, plus it needed some gas. So, off to the Magic Bubbles for a little grooming of the car. Of course, it already looks like crap again, since it pretty much sits in the driveway for days or weeks on end just collecting what is floating around in the air.

Then, I got home and realized a lot of clutter was piling up. It took me until this morning to finally get on top of the clutter. But, I got bills paid, junk mail shredded, paperwork filed, voting done and got the magazine collection thinned and tamed (kinda like my eyebrows).


What better way to while away the hours than with a pile of Netflix? However, it is recommended that there is napping while watching Discovery Channel nature programs in between the movies. Here are some that I particularly enjoyed lately:

- The Painted Veil
- Into the Wild
- The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
- P.S. I Love You

All of the above are guaranteed tear-jerkers. This is perfect if you are over-trained, because you feel like crying anyway, so it's better to direct it at scenarios far removed from your own life. Then, once you purge over 2-4 movies, you will feel much better (mostly due to sitting on your butt for a couple of days)!

Mental Training

This recovery activity is also known as read every book, magazine and e-book you have on nutrition, racing, training and strategy. This will help remind you not to get over-trained in the future and will also help you visualize punishing the competition with some vicious tactics come the next race where you actually have the ooomph to do something other than sit in.

Another good way to mentally train is to go to a race with your team mates and hubby. Instead of racing yourself, you help them pin numbers, warm up and then cheer and take pictures. Even if your pictures are total crap, since you haven't learned to take pictures of races, they will appreciate you being there and giving it a try.


CyclistRick said...

Hey sweetie, thanks for coming out on Sunday and helping out. I would have understood if you wanted to stay in bed and sleep, but it was nice to have you there.

Get good and rested for Kern. And remember to keep on top of hydration all weekend.

BTW, when did you see 'Love in the Age of Cholera'? I like a lot of the soundtrack but have not seen the movie. I think you meant 'The Painted Veil' with Edward Norton and Naomi Watts.

chatterbox said...

doh! You're right. It was 'The Painted Veil'. I'm getting my titles all confudled. :)

marscat said...

I've never had a professional brow job.

must say i had to read that sentence twice.

i like your movie selections.

chatterbox said...

marscat - that's funny. I didn't even think about how that sentence might be mis-read at speed...

Kimberly (aka. DrKim) said...

sounds like fun....and now you will WANT to get on your bike this weekend! For me, it was a sweet new bike, and 2 weekends of no racing, and some good old fashioned easy paced, climbing rides with a great girlfriend to put the fun back in riding. :-)

See you at Kern--we WILL have fun!!

lauren said...

good movie list. some in there that i want to see.

and the "brow job" line, i had to read twice as well.

have fun next weekend. can't wait to hear some good stories!

Chris said...

Good luck with recovering. It sounds like a busy week to me. My ideal recovery week would involve me just sitting on the couch with a beer for 7 days.

chatterbox said...

kim - I think we too often neglect that 'fun' riding during the season, which is an important aspect of mental recovery! Yes, we will have fun at Kern - assuming we return rather than becoming permanently affixed to the asphault.

lauren - thanks! I'm sure we'll have some tales to tell when we get back...

chris - that sounds like a perfect recovery week for me, too. For some reason, the coaches don't prescribe those, though....

Groover said...

Thanks for posting this. I thought it only happens to me - overtraining, not having time for a hair cut, to wash the car, watch a movie etc... Feeling much more normal now! :-)

Good luck for your race!

chatterbox said...

thanks, groover! I will post a race report shortly.