Sunday, December 2, 2007

seeing spots

Today, we met up with Alicat and Merkeley in Gilroy for what I've deemed the Gilroy double loop. We rode out from downtown Gilroy, across to the Gilroy Hot Springs Loop and then back across to the Uvas/Chesboro loop. It was beautiful and sunny when we started and threatening rain the last 20 miles. We even passed through some freshly rained on territory as we passed around the west side of Uvas Reservoir. It felt really fallish with the rain drenched air, yellow leaves and walnut smoke in the wind.

This pic was taken as we took a quick 'bio break' at the reservoir. Rick pointed out that I could have gotten a more scenic background in the picture. But, then I figure cycling racers feel at home next to the port-o-lets. It really wouldn't be a racers gathering without one, right? Of course, Rick isn't a racer yet. But, he will be. You can tell, because he was the only one without a PowerTap or nifty, logo-covered team kit. But, we decided to let him tag along anyway, so he could school the rest of us in proper hill-climbing technique.

It was a fun ride, and Ali gave me lots of great tips and advice on racing and training. According to my PowerTap, I spent 40% of the ride at threshold and 60% in recovery. AKA, "Junk Miles". But, it's the fall, so who cares, right? It was all about having fun and getting the know our fellow bloggers. Afterward, we satsified our hunger at the local Chevy's. Nothing like a big basket of chips (or 3), beers and good food all around.


CyclistRick said...

Hey, you took my title .. while I was taking out the garbage!

It was fun, and good to do those loops in the fall rather than the spring when we often do them.

twinkiepatissier said...


are you allowed to turn off your power stuff during off season?

Merkeley Bike said...

Thanks for leading a great ride!! It was nice to break away from our normal routes.

Looks like my cheeks are full of food. Must be a bar...good thing I kept the wrapper for my cut tire later.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

i thought you were holding your breath 'cuz the portOpooper in the background.

i've seen that things up close...

i hold my breath, too.

cool ride!!!

and Q-Tpa2-T, don't ever think of them as 'junk miles'. BLASPHEMY!

those are ... enjoy miles.

and i think i'll go enjoy some miles right now!

chatterbox said...

c-rick - sorry I stole your title. You do chores, you lose!

twinkie - the power widgets have been off since August. Time to start making random recordings.

merkeley - our pleasure. Glad you guys had fun. Yeah, that pic the lesser of the two chipmunk looks for you!

ov - enjoy miles. I like that. I hope you enjoy your miles today!

Chris said...

You are getting all high-tech with your power tools. :)

Get Rick a kit. He didn't join a club yet?