Friday, December 14, 2007

First Pass at the Races

Well, like a kid looking forward to Christmas, I anxiously awaited the NCNCA schedule coming out - mostly to see if Kern was on there. It was! I am so there this year!

OK, so here goes the first pass (DRAFT ONLY):

-March 8 - Menlo Park Gran Prix
-March 16 - Bariani RR
-April 11-13 - Madera Stage Race
-April 27 - Wente Crit
-May 11 - River Rd. TTT (Pretty stoked about this!)
-May 16-18 - Kern Stage Race
-May 26 - Memorial Day Crit
-May 31 - ICC Dash for Cash
-June 1 - Steinbeck Crit
-June 28 - Stockton Crit
-July 19 - Watsonville Crit
-July 27 - Foster City Crit
-Aug. 3 - Timpani
-Aug. 23 - San Ardo

I might throw in an MTB race somewhere for fun and probably some track, too. And, this schedule is still subject to family committments, etc. But, I think that overall it is better than last season's schedule. Note that other than whatever hill climb is in Kern, the schedule is FLAT. Flat as a pancake. I've learned that unless I suddenly start generating Brooke Miller's power numbers, this 5'10" gal with weight in the 160s ain't going to get over them hills with the little girls. So, this season will be about working my strengths. Last season was about learning, exploring, and apparently working my weaknesses. :) No Wente RR, no Pescadero, no Mt. Hamilton, and no 9 month season. Life is good!


CyclistRick said...

No Peskydero? No Hamilton? Sigh! Guess I will have to see how I feel and go by my lonesome to those sufferfests.

Overall it looks like a good schedule. Maybe some time to catch a breath this year! Yeah!

renevatio said...

Yeah, Kern will be fun and flat, for the most part, and the highlight of the year for many. The circuit race is like a big crit, the TT with just a little rise, the hill climb is tough from either direction and the rr, I think Robert calls it the Iron Mountain rr, has a climb or 2. No matter though, Kern is about being with friends -- racing, recovering, eating, hanging, ice baths and no distractions...too fun!

chatterbox said...

rick - yes, I will hand out bottles to you at the hilly races if you want to go.

renevatio - welcome! Hopefully we will meet at Kern (unless we've already met?)!

marscat said...

did i miss an announcement somewhere...

the Woody Road Race at Kern is, er, um, gee...not flat.

chatterbox said...

marscat - I haven't seen any details on this year's edition of Kern. I fully anticipate some hilliness there, but will enjoy the comraderie and such after I finish certain stages 30 minutes in the rears :) Or, I can hope for good luck like at Madera where I moved up from last in GC to 10th due to finishing the last stage without a flat!

velogirl said...

the word from Velo Promo World Headquarters (VPWHQ) is that Kern will be the same edition of stages run in 2007: Friday -- flat TT, Saturday, Walker Basin Circuit Race in the morning, the new Hill Climb in the afternoon, Sunday, Iron Mountain Road Race.

No, it's not flat.

You realize Watsonville is an open women's field, right? With a hill (I think).

chatterbox said...

vg - OK, may rethink Watsonville. Unfortunately, there are no details of categories, etc. on the site yet.

renevatio said...

ok..ok..I admit it...I was sweating sooooo much in the FEED ZONE that it looked flat to me? Did I say it was hot? Of course most races look flat from the feed zone unless you're at patterson...or wente...or orosi... or, oh crap I gotta go...;)

Chris said...

I would like to join you all at one of those mid summer crits. As time gets closer and I can look at my schedule, I will have to figure which one fits.

twinkiepatissier said...

throw some cross races in there after august!

by the way, when do you squeeze in your vacation?

chatterbox said...

chris - yeah, that'd be cool if you came out and raced with us.

twinkie - now that I'm no longer in school, I can vacation in the fall. Yay! We'll vacation in Sept. most likely.

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

Whoop! Sounds like a lot of fun. You're many steps ahead of me in the scheduling arena...I probably ought to get on that!

chatterbox said...

panda - yes! No time like the present to plan the next year of your life.

velogirl said...

Chris, come to Foster City!!! I'll comp you.

Chris said...

VG - invitation accepted. See you at Foster City.

Kimberly (aka. DrKim) said...

Ms. Chatterbox..I'll see you at Kern! I am still not sure how I'm feeling about the early season hilly races. I'm no tiny lightweight either....but I'm hoping my climbing will be enough to keep me in the mix... Kern is just fun. There is that hill climb...and the iron mountain RR had climbing (but the descent in that race is so darn fun that it is worth the climbing....last year there was an attack on the descent which stuck and split the women's 4s field. Crazy. And oh, so fun! Over 50mph!)

Can't wait!!!!