Monday, July 23, 2007

Post Harry-Potter Coma

Well, I didn't get completely stuck in Harry Potter land this weekend. We saw the new movie Friday night. We watched Le Tour on Saturday morning, did a couple hours ride and spent some time with the beginning of the Alto Velo B ride. I couldn't go to Big Basin with them due to my literary conquests planned. So, we hit the Saratoga Starbucks and came home.

I started the laundry. The book arrived at 1:00. It was wrapped in a box that said "Attention Muggles: Do not deliver until July 21 or later!". I started reading, but then a nap came over me. I spent the late afternoon and evening reading. I talked to my parents on the phone. By bed time I had devoured over 360 pages. The last load of laundry was rotated.

Sunday, we watched Le Tour again and got caught up in the excitement. I only got a couple chapters read before heading out on a 3 hours ride, which became like 3.5 due to a flat tire and a stop to buy cumin at the grocery store near home.

I read for a couple hours before dinner and a half hour after. Then, I had another break to attend to the spiritual life. We returned home at 9:00, and I finally finished at 11:00. Phew! Overall, I was happy with the resolution of the series. There were shades of Lord of the Rings in this one as the characters had to carry 'something evil' around their necks and it made them a little crazy. Oh well, the rest was pretty original and interesting.

Well, no more fantasy world for me. I am back to the grind today with my post-Harry-Potter coma.


CyclistRick said...

It will be nice to have the little muggle back from the land of Hogwarts ;-) Glad you enjoyed your HP weekend. Now onto more celebrations this week :-)

Chris said...

I saw the movie last night. For someone who only read the first book, it was just OK. I am not one for wizards and giants I guess.

marscat said...

ippoc got the same delivery...tho she's not devoured it like the others

CyclistRick said...

Marscat - Ms. Chatterbox has a special day coming up (see e-vite from VeloGirl), and back 6 month ago when she realized the release date of the book would coincide with the special day, she requested the book and time free to devour said book. All about making room, and scheduling well in advance. The only quirk was Albany, but when the team decided not to race that, Ms. C had the weekend free.

chatterbox said...

chris - yeah, the movie was probably just OK as a stand-alone (rick can speak to that better, since he hasn't read any of them). However, I do think the series of movies has been fairly true to the books and a good interpretation of the imaginary aspects. LOTR was probably a better series for stand-alone and staying true to the books at the same time.

marscat - I hope ippoc enjoys! She'll get sucked in soon and then time will be made for devouring.