Saturday, February 3, 2007

Pressed my first headset, a.k.a. stack height woes

Well, I finally learned how to press a headset today. I was very excited. I had gotten a Record headset that was of similar vintage to my lovely Mondonico. It was new in box. It went on without a hitch....that is until we threaded on the top cup, and there were no threads left for the nut at the top :( Stack height is 40mm. The Ultegra that was on there before was 37.5. Now I know why the shop defaced my lovely Italian bike with the Japanese part. I am so sad. :( Back to the drawing board.

Anyone want to buy a new, partially installed Record headset from 1996?

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CyclistRick said...

Headset stack height is indeed a world of mystery and confusion. The current Record 1" threaded headset is listed as having a stack height of anywhere from 36.5mm to almost 38mm by various web sites, mostly vendors. Campagnolo's site lists it at 36.5mm, so probably a good place to start. Fortunately, with proper tools installing one is rather easy. Second bit of fortunate news, if true: Campagnolo's spare parts list shows the same crown race for all Record 1" threaded headsets ever made - that is "Record", not including "Super Record" or "Nuovo Record" - so should be able to replace just the cups and leave the crown race from the older headset in place.