Saturday, September 22, 2012

Best. Time. Ever.

Well, this post is a bit more than overdue. I skipped the Nor Cal State TT Championships, as I could not register early, and my Tahoe lodging hookup ended up coinciding with another weekend. But, I thought it was no big deal, as I had not really been training.

So, I entered the Beat the Clock TT the following week. Well, to my surprise, I was in MUCH better shape than I thought. I had a record-setting day. Not only did I go under 30 minutes for the first time, but I also broke my prior best time by over 2 minutes! That was certainly welcomed. Perhaps it was a release of the stress following a decision to switch jobs...I don't know. But, I'll take it! Now, I have some serious work to do before I get on the course again. New best time: 29:18. July 7, 2012.

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