Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Race Reportage

After a mostly down year last year, I've picked up a bit with the racing this year - mostly time-trial stuff, as that is what I seem to enjoy the most.

Lodi TT
This was a new race on the calendar this year - an out and back race to the west of I-5 in Lodi which turns around when you hit the Delta - about 11.5 miles in length. I actually felt quite good during this race and placed 2nd. Now, I have a standard against which to compare myself next year. The conditions were quite good with an incoming rain storm. Winds were light, and conditions overcast. The course was just about the flattest I've ever ridden. Pavement was good by Velo Promo standards, but definitely not pristine.

Beat the Clock #2
Weather conditions were pretty perfect for the 2nd Beat the Clock race this year. It was quite cold, and I ended up drinking some hot tea at the start instead of doing a longer warm-up, which was regrettable. After my time got all messed up in the last race by some group rides, I was ready for vengeance! I went out a bit too hard and caught my minute girl early. I regretted my fast beginning pace and short warmup during the last 2 miles of the race....I was really suffering. But, at the en,d I had recorded 31:26, or my best time by 1 second. Official time was 31:28, or 1 second off my best, but a good effort nonetheless. I will try to get under 31:20 in my next effort. Better pacing should get me there.

Woodside Trail Run
I entered the Woodside Trail Run for the second year in a row. This year, I opted for the 10K instead of the 17K, as I was going to go meet my parents for hiking at the Pinnacles in the afternoon and didn't want to be completely trashed. The conditions were once again EPIC. It was not actively raining this year, but had just rained heavily for the prior two days, and the water was coursing down the trail again. I was pretty slow, but it was good to push myself. Of course, I realized that I may as well do the 17K as the 10K has about 95% of the climbing of the 17K.

During the race, I was concerned with my footing, given the deep mud and water on the trail. I was paying most of my attention to that, and missed the fact that I ran into some poison oak with my right arm. I suspected contamination and washed with my Burt's Bees soap when I got home. Alas, I think I missed the window of opportunity, and a huge rash started spreading on my arm the following Tuesday. I decided to suck it up and try to heal naturally. Unfortunately, when we were in Mexico the following week, my arm swelled to double its normal size, and I had to spend a nice morning in the clinic with the Medico. Nothing some cortisone and antibiotics couldn't sort out, though!


X Bunny said...

hi sarah!!

thanks for posting a link to this on the bellaboards!

i'm sorry our paths haven't crossed this year but i enjoyed reading about your racing!


X Bunny said...

hi sarah!

thanks for posting a link to this to the bellaboards!

i'm sorry our paths haven't crossed at the races this year, but i enjoyed reading about your exploits!!