Saturday, November 6, 2010

May 14 - Cycling with the flu and watching the Giro

We at breakfast at the home where we stayed over, and then had to leave Hohettengen on account of a 40 person Austrian tour coming to town and absorbing all the accommodations. We headed east to Hachstetten, where we looked for a room. We tried one hotel that did not answer and another that had a "Bett and Bike" sign up. They apologized on account of the weather, but had a family group coming and no other space to let. So, we continued to Jetsetten. There was a rather fancy looking hotel, so we stopped at the Rathaus to see what was available. An older lady who had been to the market on bike stopped to ask if we needed help. We explained that we were looking for somewhere to stay the night. She said "You can stay with me!". So, we followed her on her bike as she wound us through town.

She showed us her guest apartment and introduced us to her husband. They moved their car out of the garage so we could put our bikes in. The apartment was large with a kitchenette, dining area, queen bed and a small side room with a single bed. There was a lovely, large bathroom. And, it was only 50 Euros per night. A steal! We checked in around 11 and had a change and headed out to the bakery to pick up breakfast provisions for the next morning. We also stopped at the market to get some chocolates to take home with us.

I then had a leisurely two hour nap. We watched the last 60km of the Giro in the afternoon - I was relieved to see it was also rainy and muddy in central Italy. Cadel won solo, which was pretty cool - all covered in mud. We showered up and headed to dinner at a local restaurant. I had asparagus soup, green salad and pommes frites with wine. Rick had beer and cordon bleu and shared some with me. We finished off with coffees.

We walked back to our house and ate some of the ginormous butter cookie dipped in chocolate that we'd bought at the bakery. All in all, it as a mostly restful day, thanks to the Familie Hennings and their hospitality.

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