Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last race of the season

My last race of the season was the Masters District Pursuit at Hellyer. When we rolled up, I was the only one registered in the W35-39 group. It was looking like another default podium for the record books! In any case, I still wanted to do my best.

So, I got in a nice, long warmup with a couple efforts. I used the rollers to warm up on my Mondonico. I also used the warmup circle and got in some faux standing starts to practice.

I had an OK start. Not as good as I'd had at Beat the Clock, but not terrible, either. I went really hard on the first two laps - put myself into the pain cave. I tried to float the next two and then attempted to pour it on in the last two. I don't really think I had much left in the tank, though. I literally limped across the finish, and wasn't sure about my effort. But, I did leave it ALL out there, per the coach's instructions.

In the end, I was 3:19 - another 3.5 seconds faster than my prior best time. Not too shabby.