Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fits and Starts

Spring is coming to the Bay Area in fits and starts. Yesterday it was approaching 80 degrees and sunny. Today, it is 55 degrees with sheets of rain falling. I'm longing for Spring to take hold and usher in more predictable days. However, I know that in the end these rainy days will bring nourishment to the earth and other things that we need.

I did, however, take full advantage of our days in the sun. The Girls (aka the prayer and spiritual formation group I've been with for 13-ish years now) and I headed to Bodega Bay last weekend for a retreat. We have not been away together for a couple years. We rented this house that was constructed entirely of windows, it seemed. My friend Ann and I struggled up the windy roads in the dark on Friday night to arrive, only to awaken to spectacular views on Saturday morning. Out the front of the house was a 270 degree view of the ocean and out the back were rolling green hills dotted with cattle. What a treat! There was even a peaceful garden laden with honey bees doing their Spring thing. It was a perfect opportunity to relax, grow, and reflect. I can tell we are getting older, because the wine consumption was at an all-time low and the going to bed time much earlier than in the past. Much has changed for us over the past 13 years, but our reasons for struggling through life together are constant. It's been a spiritually difficult couple of years for me, but I find myself emerging, like Spring, in fits and starts.

One area that's been incredibly blessed for us is the financial aspect of life. Well, now that we've patched other things up, we have a little setback there. It's not that we are not OK. We are. But, certain goals will have to move to the back burner for now. I know this is all part of the rains that will nourish us and cause new growth when Spring finally takes hold. We just have to weather the storm. In the meantime, Rick's fitness and our garden will both enjoy a little tending while he looks for what he wants to do next.

Here's to the last fits of Winter and the promise of the start of Spring.


CyclistRick said...

Hey sweetie. Don't worry about the temporary hiccup. We will soon be back on track, just have to go through the process and find something new. Sorry I did not jump on the bandwagon sooner, but I was optimistic that things could improve there, and was not so thrilled about looking for a position in the current environment. Guess I get to test those waters anyway.

And Kurt gave me insight into what really happens on those 'retreats' ;-)

Chris said...

Things will be fine. They always are.

In the meantime, just make a list of things for Rick to do everyday to make sure that he doesn't get bored :)

Groover said...

This is a very nice post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Tomorrow is the day when my husband's company will be announcing 400 redundancies. Your post just made me a little less worried.

Oh, and I agree with Chris. Employ Rick in the house until he finds something new to occupy his time with (cleaning the bathroom might speed up the process LOL)

chatterbox said...

chris - yes, the "honey do" list is growing by the minute. :)

groover - I hope all goes well for your husband at work. And, if not, you can start a list of chores for him, too ;)