Monday, December 8, 2008

All shook up and "just married" again

Saturday, I got "all shook up" in the morning, during the Bay Area Women's Group ride. Photos by Sarah Bamberger here. My body hadn't seen zone 4 in a while. But, it was great fun to get out and mingle and meet a lot of ladies I hadn't met before. In the big group photo, I'm the amazon in the back row toward the left - pretty much dwarfing everyone else. :)

Then, after ample foodage and nappage, the Rickster and I headed up to the Yahoo Year End Party, where we got "all shook up" again. The theme this year was Las Vegas. So, of course we had to hit the wedding chapel, where Elvis renewed our vows for us. We had to sing our vows into the mike. Good times.


Anonymous said...

the ride looks like so much fun! said...

now you've got "viva las vegas" ringing through my noggin all morning!

LAUREN said...

viva las vegas!

CyclistRick said...

Viva Lost Wages!

In SarahLaBam's photos there is someone as tall as you on your right. I think that is VAC Lisa on your left, but who is trying to out-tall you there?

Interesting to see everyone there at the start, and how few were left by Page Mill@Skyline.

Groover said...

Congrats to you and Rick.

twinkiepatissier said...

Certificate of Love...excellent!

chatterbox said...

flandria - yep, you've got to come next time!

hernando - sorry to stick a song in your head - at least it's a good one!

lauren - yeah, baby!

c-rick - not sure who the other tally is. Anny comes up to my shoulder, though!

groover - thanks!

twinkie - yes, it's most excellent!