Monday, September 29, 2008

Some Interesting Reading

OK, so some other person on Hernando's blog roll posted this. I think it is an interesting hypothesis:

Also, I read a great book over the weekend:
The White Mary, by Kira Salak

I found the book to be engrossing from page 2 all the way to the end.


CyclistRick said...

Boy that is one long thesis. And obviously meant for an audience of psychology academics from the way he drops names.

And sucked into that book is an understatement.

chatterbox said...

Yeah, I guess I got used to digesting academic literature recently with the whole masters program. The thesis is a little heavy, but I find it interesting, nonetheless (especially with a variety of close friends who represent the entire soicio-political spectrum).

Book was excellent - female protagonist (who doesn't like that?), she is somewhat fearless and self-destructive. She is a war journalist. The story wraps around some of the worst conflicts of recent times, but is woven together in her quest to find a famous war journalist who is believed to be dead by suicide but someone says is alive deep in the interior of Papua New Guinea. Lots of excitement and global context and glimpses into different cultures.