Friday, August 15, 2008

Finally some Olympic athletes with some meat on their bones!

I'll admit it. I'm an Olympic junkie. I'll pretty much watch any contest that's on - except for maybe boxing and shooting. However, I'll also admit that after watching 3 weeks of Le Tour back to back with 3 weeks of Olympics, I start having body image issues. Or, maybe just image issues. I want to be ripped and nimble and graceful like the gymnasts. I am none of the above. I'd like to dance uphill on my bike, with a BMI of 20 and arms so small I could wrap my fingers around the top - but no. I'd like to prance around confidently in about 6 square inches of bikini while running and frolicking about like the beach volleyball gals. I'm afraid one dig would have my chest pouring out all over the sand, though. And the thought of my belly flab jiggling all over in high def....well that's not a good picture.

So, imagine my surprise when the Belgian beach volleyball team of Liesbet Van Breedam and Liesbeth Mouha struts out to go head to head with Walsh and May. I mean those girls are big, and strong. And, they still look good in their bikinis (albeit significantly more substantial than Walsh). And, the blocker, Mouha, is like 6'4" and 195 lbs. Finally, a real athlete with a BMI resembling mine and an even bigger stature. And, the best part is that they actually gave May and Walsh a run for their money in the first set - putting them to 5 set points. And, one of them went for a dig and ended up with a cleavage-full of sand. A real athlete with some cleavage! Yee haw! Maybe there is hope for me yet!


Elis said...

I watched that game & was loving it. The little belly poking out when they sat down for their breaks made it that much better to watch...though honestly I'd prefer to see them all wearing tankinis. Sand rash, ouch!

Do they even have beaches in Belgium?

chatterbox said...

yeah, tankinis would be better, I think. I sincerely doubt the practicality of a tiny bikini for an athletic event like this. I think it is all for show (or vanity, so they don't get tan lines, perhaps?) The amount of de-wedgifying necessary seems to bolster my opinion.

lauren said...

i gotta say this.

how in the hell do they stay in those bikini things while running around like that?

i mean, i'm pretty thin and there's just no way i'd ever be able to jump around like that and not have things fall out.

no way jose.


CyclistRick said...

Of course the ladies get to choose their garb. The Chinese team was last seen wearing shorts and shirts on the sand.

But for most, it is selling an image to maximize endorsement contracts.

Velo Bella said...

Michael and I were totally cheering for those belgian gals! I loved their little chimay beer bellies.

yep, lots of dewedgifying makes those outfits totally impractical...except for the endorsement value.

I found the beach volleyball otherwise boring. There are never any long volleys..the team volleyball was waaaay more interesting.

Jackie said...

Ah gee, and I was always too skinny (until I wasn't), and then suddenly, somehow, one has too much skin and it sort of crinkles and falls everywhere - and - well - that's when you start considering the alternative and quit looking at reflective surfaces as much as possible - and life goes on.

(Being back-lit helps, too.)

Groover said...

I watched the marathon this morning and there were a few girls with "womenly" figures amongst them as well, which I found great to see. Then again I also saw some very skinny runners.

Just a few minutes ago I saw two gymnasts who definitely had breasts and bums, still skinny, but at least not the little girl elfin like gymnasts you usually see. Maybe the whole world's body image will change? Big was chic at some stage judging by paintings from Rubens and Rembrandt. :-)

Chris said...

I missed the Belgians. I will have to check them out.

twinkiepatissier said...

i think they all go brazilian down there.